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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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former prince george's county executive jack johnson will be back in court today, this time to enter a plea deal. details on what could play out coming up. together for 25 years, maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger made headlines last week when they announced their marriage was over.
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now, we know what ended it. fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's take a look from tower cam this morning on this tuesday morning. it is may 17th. have a few raindrops out there but skies start to open up a bit. we'll see what happens. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. tony and tucker going to the big leagues today. >> it is weather day down at nationals ballpark so let's see what the guys are up to now, well dressed in their rain lickers this morning. is that a clue as to what we can expect today in. >> you think so. >> just about 10 minutes ago, we had a little intense shower that lasted 90 seconds about that moved through and you could actually hear it coming across the field, coming across the tarp and then came right over here and moved out that quickly. it will be that kind of morning across the region. >> that is a great way to explain it. the rain will be hit and miss on and off throughout the morning but when it falls, it could be heavy at times.
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not much of a sunrise. a few breaks in the clouds but not much a sunrise this morning. >> weather day will go on. we'll tell you all about that. we expect thousands of school children to be out here later on this morning for a presentation that tucker and i are writing -- i mean that we've put a lot of time into. it is ready. we are ready to go. we'll do that a little bit later on. >> can't wait to meet each and every one of them. >> that will be fun. >> high fives to every kid. let's get right to the weather and show you the radar and the shower and thunderstorm activity that is on the move. yes, on the move. and you can see a pretty good band to the south of the city. all of this tracking off to the wealth and to the north and west. it is pinwheeling around that area of low pressure that we've been talking about. temperatures in the 60s. 63 at reagan national. >> dropped down to 63.
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culpeper, 55. in manassas, 64 degrees at this hour. we continue to take a look at what is going on out there. we tell you what we expect to see for today. maybe a little bit of sun here and there. a flash flood or floodwatch in effect for today. floodwatch in effect through the day into tonight. there is a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms and with those thunderstorms, we could see periods of heavy rain. rather breezy as well with the wind primarily out of the east blowing at 10 to 15 miles per hour. they could blow a little higher than that in the norms. look for a little high are today at 72 degrees. >> right now, it feels really good. >> we'll have more for you coming up from nationals park in just a little bit. we want to find out what is happening on the area roadway. there are problems out there. julie wright has that. >> i want to point out that the two of you are out and about alone on the streets of d.c. and we are hearing the sirens in the background. just want to point that out. no longer is it my reputation in jeopardy. >> they may be on their way to
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your place for all we know. >> you know -- all right. on the roads right now, we are talking traffic and we've got a lot of t wet rooted ways this morning. so plan your trip accordingly. powder mill road at old gunpowder road, that is where we have a crash. the prince george's police are out with this. the outer loop starting to slow as you travel between university boulevard and georgia avenue. crashes on the outer loop at 355 has been moved over to both shewels are. if you are traveling -- over to both shoulders. >> northbound, lanes are open in the main loon and in the hovs. if you are travel ago long 9 # and making your way out of dale city, you will find your lanes
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are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big story we are following this morning. a surprising announcement from former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. y he says he fathered a child way long-time household staffer. in a statement to the "l.a. times," schwarzenegger said he told his wife after he left the governor's office earlier this year. the child was born more than 10 years ago. the couple announced they had separated last week after 25 years of marriage. other top stories, former prince george's county executive jack johnson expected to need guilty today. he was indicted for bribery and extortion back in february. at noon, he is due in court for a rearraignment. now, that signifies johnson will plead guilty to at least one charge. others may be dropped or could be modified depending on any plea agreement. a strong smell at southern maryland hospital was found to be not harmful. sky fox over the scene in clinton last night as hazmat team are called in to
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investigate the odor in the emergency room. according to prince george's county fire and ems, the smell was coming from propane storage tanks. the hospital was closed to new patients for a short amount of time. no injuries reported. three tease explosives rushed to hospital last night after two police cruisers collided. this was just after 9:00. the officers were on their way to help another officer when the crash happened. no word on what caused it. a young drive remained locked up on half a million dollars bail after police say he walked way from a crash that left three of his friends dead. 18-year-old spencer datt, 18- year-old haley mcgwire and 20- year-old john hoover were auld killed in the early morning crash in olney. investigators say 0-year-old kevin coffay was driving when the car crashed on olney laytonsville road. -- 20-year-old kevin coffay was
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driving when the car crashed on olney laytonsville road. >> reporter: we are -- >> we are wait for the blood kit. >> police found coffay outside his home three hours after the crash. more charges could be coming. we continue to follow developments on the mississippi river floods. yesterday, president obama visited memphis and met with people affected by the widespread flooding including some elected officials. fema has expanded assistance to louisiana to 22 parishes and people in low-highing areas are now continued be urged to evacuate. international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn will remain in jail until his next hearing on friday. he plead the not guilty to claims that he tried to rape a maid at an upscale new york city hotel on saturday. he was considered to be a fronted runner to be france's next president. the federal government has
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reached its borrowing limits. it is currently $14.3 trillion that amount was reached yesterday. to avoid exceeding the limit, government will halt investments in two federal pension plans. congress has until august 2nd to raise the borrowing limit f that doesn't happen, government could default on its debt for the first time ever. a rapper who helped promote a new dance craze to fame. the rapper is dead this morning. a big announcement from donald trump. he gives his final answer about potential plans to mechanic a white house run. we'll be right back -- he gives his final answer about potential lands to mechanic a white house run. we'll be right back. 
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south a rapper who helped to propel the dougie dance craze to fame was killed in a drive- by shooting in los angeles. 22-year-old monty ray talbert was killed late sunday night. police say he was sitting in a
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car outside a liquor store in california when another car pulled up and someone started firing. police have not release a motive for the killing. donald trump has announced he will not make a white house run. in a statement, the mogul says he is confident he could have won the republican nomination and believes he would have beaten president obama. however, trump says he would rather keep hosting celebrity apprentice. president obama was out on the town in d.c. last night trying to rally supporters and add to his re-election war chest. the president made appearances at two democratic fund raiseers last night. first at a dinner with about 60 big dollar donors and across the street for a reception at the capitol hilton. shuttle endeavour made history at lift offyesterday but there is much more work ahead for this second to last shuttle mission. we are checking back in with tony and tucker at nationals park for our first
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ever weather day event. we'll check in with them. we'll be right back. 
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the space shuttle endeavour making its way to the international space station and should arrive sometime tomorrow. cry is checking for any potential launch damage today. >> here is liftoff. >> and liftoff for the space shuttle endeavour. >> about 500,000 people gathered outside the kennedy space center for the launch yesterday and that included congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the wife of shuttle commander mark kelly. >> she -- we had a goal, leading up to this that they who be able to work hard and get to the place she needed to be in order to make the trip. it is really exciting she was able to reach those goals and get here. >> giffords launched the lawn inform private. they will spend the next 16
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days deliver is spies for the international space station. >> i'm sure it gave her something to work for too to make sure she was there for that. >> without a doubt. we got to watch it yesterday with tucker barnes. he is down at the ballpark with his good friend tony perkins i can't tucker, it is good to see that security hasn't kicked you out yet. >> not yet, care a not only have they not kicked me out. i have the best seat in the house. can you seat infield still covered up. we are getting light rain shower activity right at the moment. but it is kind of intermidment here during the morning hours. we are here for the first weather day. we'll have thousands of school kids come down to learn about the weather. we'll talk about baseball and weather, talk about extreme weather here. if the weather holds out, we'll get to show videos on the jumbotron. they should be arriving shortly. we are getting some shower
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activity right now and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the sun come out. tony has more on the forecast. >> showers are coming down pretty good right now. another band of rain moving through southeast washington and this is the way it will go today. periods of rain coming through portions of the viewing area as we've seen during the last couple of days. at any given moment, some of you may be getting rain, some of you won't. some will get light rain and some will get heavy rain. let's take a look at ht radar. we have been monitoring some areas of heavy rain moving through the district and now off to the north and west. mclean, vienna, reston getting some of the heaviest rain right now. off to the east near chesapeake beach, upper marlboro, also see something heavy rain. light rain showers falling now right around alexandria and franconia. some of that likely to come
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through southwestern portions of the district in just a little bit of time. let's go to the graphics. we'll show you the big picture. you can seat spin in the atmosphere and for this week's weather, really, these rain showers move in from the east- southeast, not what we're used to seeing where most of our weather comes in from the west. it is because of an area of low pressure. the spin in the atmosphere pulling moisture in from the atlantic and also drawing on some gulf moisture as well. that is why it is such a wet forecast for this week. temperatures across the region in the 60s. here is a look at the areas covered by our floodwatches. floodwatch in effect until late tonight because we do expect to see periods of heavy rain and that could lead to some flooding in some of the low- lying areas. you want to be aware of that floodwatch in effect for the day today. current tim, 63 degrees in the district. -- current temperatures, 63 degrees here in the district. out in winchester, it is 63. in salisbury, it is 63 degrees at this hour.
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here is a look at the five-day forecast. for today, periods of rain, some thunderstorms. you i think for the most part, the thunderstorms will be this afternoon. high today about 72 degrees. tomorrow being more of the same. thursday, more of the same. friday, we get the system out of here. it is a day of transition. that sets us up for a good weekend. it looks like we'll be partly sunny on saturday. 81degrees for your high. both days look good for the weekend right now. we'll have more from weather day here at nationals park coming up in just a little bit. let's go to julie wright and get the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic. >> the wet pavement not making for an easy drive out there this morning. we'll map it out for you starting off with a crash reported downtown. this is what is tying up your commute as you guys work your way inbound along the suitland parkway headed in towards first sterling. accident activity here is blocking the right lane in each intersection so again, trying to work your way through southeast won't be easy. 295 open for business. no problems to report as you
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travel from the beltway headed towards the 11th street bridge. this is headed from the way station down towards dumfries. accident activity here blocking left side of the roadway with very little delay. northbound traffic slowing out of dale city head for the the occoquan. we have an accident to report as you make your way north of 7100. the accident activity still squeezing this left lane. we have help on the scene. we have the cones out blocking this left lane. no problems reported southbound on 270. lanes are open out of gaithersburg headed out towards the split. powder mill road at old gunpowder road for the accident in prince george's county. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. business beat is coming up next. why going out to eat will cost you more. and as we go to break, how do you feel about your cell phone provider. apparently, customers with sprint nextel and verizon are the happiest. this according to the american
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customer satisfaction index and pretty good news for sprint which used to be at the bottom of the list. >> are you happy with yours? >> it's okay. >> me too. i don't won't disclose. >> but it's an iphone.
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getting to your business news now this morning. stocks fall for a second day and get ready to pay for meat at the grocery store and when you go out to eat too. lauren simonetti has this morning's business beat. disappointing reports and the european debt crisis certainly took a toll on stocks yesterday. any good news coming out today? >> well, the good news is that, while world stocks are mostly closer, here in the u.s., we are set for some modest gains when the market opens in about three hours from now. we do get a report on the housing sector in about two hours and expect to see some improvement but the housing marketing is still dragging along the bottom. >> we know gas rise are up.
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also means food prices are up too. even at our favorite restaurants and we are talk specifically about meat prices. >> exactly. it all comes together. the price of fuel affecting the price of everything else and if you take a look at the meat prices that the restaurants are facing, well, over the past year, beef prices are up an astonishing 12%. pork price up 11%. poultry prices up 2%. but if that seems like a lot, it is only getting worse. for the rest of this year, the usda says prices are expected to increase another 7 to 8%. it is definitely expensive to tine out and restaurants them gem are facing higher costs, everything from the pork all the way to the plastic cups. so the steepest increase is this is not good news for me and probably not you either. megs can and italian food chains face the steepest increases because of bread and pasta pricess. those are up 0%.
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>> tell us what is coming up on the -- those are up 20%. >> tell us what is coming up on the fox business network today. coming up next, arrested as part of a corruption investigation, former prince george's county executive jack johnson will be back in court today. we'll have details on how the day may end. we are live at nationals park this morning where tony and tucker are there for our first ever weather day. we'll check in with them and see how the weather is doing out there and a little bit after rainy forecast. we'll be right back. before -- my busy family, the family with thousands of odors.
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the president met with victims of the mississippi river floods yesterday in memphis. the flood waters continuing to make their way south.
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fema has expanded assistance to louisiana to 22 parishes there. no floods here but we are get something raindrops. tony and tucker down at the ballpark this morning. >> we are checking in with them. they are live at nationals park this morning for our first ever weather day and let's check back in with you guys. i can't wait for the kids to come out so you can tell them all about your wealth of weather knowledge. >> yeah. that will be the first 10 minutes of the presentation. then we'll just throw t-shirts at them. no, the kids get out here about 8:00. upwards-- do we have a final number, guys? about 2,000 just shy of 3,000. >> a lot of hands to shake. >> today in new york is promising to shake everyone's hands. >> every single hand. >> i'll be waving. no, it will be great fun though. primarily elementary school
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kids. we are going to tell them how weather affects baseball. what is going on with our crazy weather right now and as i'm saying this, i'm seeing a little bit of a break. it feels like a little bit of sun trying to break through. >> a little shower activity, some sunshine and the potential for thunderstorms today. this is a perfect day to talk about the weather. we'll see about the game later today. there is a game here at 1:00 this afternoon. >> and they should get it in. they should at least get part of it in. we'll see how that goes. >> let's get right to the weather. we want to show you what is going on out there. we are talking about the potential for some pretty good rains around here during the course of the day. right now at national park, we are getting peeks of sunshine. it is possible to see a little sun as well. you can see the big picture. continue to be dealing with that area of low pressure that has been spinning out to the west. tony, it is in no hurry to got on out of here. >> let's take a look at what else is going on across the region as we focus on this floodwatch that is in effect for pretty much the entire area. all the counties you see there in green, it does include
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washington, d.c. and baltimore for that matter. floodwatch that effect until late tonight with any of these thunderstorms that come through and we could see some heavy downpours. temperatures are not bad this morning. >> very mild out here. we are in the 60s. it feels kind of tropical with our flow out of the south. our highs will be in the low 70s today. a little cooler than yesterday. not quite as much sup around -- not quite as much sun around. not going to be a beautiful day but not going to rain every minute eager. could be raining at any point throughout the day. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we are asking the questions. we'll talk with a nationals executive about what today is about, why they're doing it and all of that. that should be coming up in just a few minutes. we wanted to get to julie wright as it starts to get breezy down here and find out what is happening with the traffic. >> i can see tucker's hair just
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kind of there in the wind. that just proves it's real, folks. >> you notice mine isn't moving. >> no comment. on the roads right now, you will find that we do have our hands full. we have accident activity tying up your drive in southeast. if you are headed over towards that stadium. this crash involves a bicyclist. the right lane tied up in each direction. we have delays on 295 growing from the beltway and approaching the inbound 11th street bridge. no incidents to report southbound along 270678 27 -- along 270. the gang's all here with us. southbound 95 out of tum fries, the accident activity confined to the shoulder now. northbound, i-95, left side of roadblocked off just north of 7100 in newington. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. former prince george's county executive jack johnson will be back in federal court this morning. >> he is the central figure in a sweeping corruption case and is in court if a hearing on a plea agreement. let's get the latest from stacy cohan live outside the courthouse in greenbelt this morning. >> this would be a rearraignment for former bridge county executive jack johnson. you remember in his first hearing he pled not guilty. we are told he is expected to plead guilty this time around for his role in the corruption scandal. this all came to light last november when mr. wrong son made national headline as law enforcement closed in. he was recorded telling his wife to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet and to hide large amounts of cash in her bra as the law enforcement sources closed in. he was indicted in february on charges of bribery, corruption, witness and evidence tampering. now, we are told that it is possible johnson cut a deal to accept a certain a jail time in
6:36 am
exchange for the fact that his wife, leslie johnson, serve no jail time. >> it is hard to know but it is not unusual for one family member to try to negotiate a favorable resolution for another family member. federal judges take very seriously the obligations of public officials to maintain integrity while they are in the office. >> reporter: now, leslie wrong son currently serves on the prince george's county council. sources are telling us she will be asked to step down from that role. mr.johnson is expected to be here in the greenbelt courthouse at 12:00 noon. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. the d.c. council is set to vote today on whether to have a court enforce subpoenas for three witnesses into its probe into mayor vincent gray's hiring practices p a council committee has rhett yet to here from sulaimon brown ache former mayoral candidate who alleges he was given cash and promiseed
6:37 am
a job last year during the campaign. brown has vowed not to cooperate with the council probe. now, a look at this the other top stories. a young drive remains locked up on half a million dollars bail after police say he walked with a fray crash that left three of his friends dead. 18-year-old spencer datt, 18- year-old haley mcgwire and 20- year-old john hoover were all killed in the early sunday morning crash in olney. vehiclors say 20-year-old kevin coffay was driving when the car crashed. 19-year-old charles nardella survived that crash. the state's attorney said they had been to at least two parties and were drinking but did not say if coffay was drunk. >> i have for comment on that. facts decide what when he say and we are waiting for the blood kit. >> police say they found coffay outside of his rockville home three hours after that crash. he faces several charges and depending on the results from the blood alcohol test, more charges could be coming. it was an emotional day in court as a woman is sentenced for a deadly dent that claimed
6:38 am
a promising young life and left another person severely injured. chamica adams admitted she was drunk when she ran over two students in adams morgan last year. she had to listen to heart wrenching words from the victim's mother, sister and fiance. paul wagner was there. >> reporter: minutes after julia backlightner was critically injured, she was rushed to the washington hospital center. her mother and twin sister seen here all dressed in black leaving court sat by her side. while choking back tears, katherine backlightner said: julia's mother told the court how happy she was to see her daughter go off to the states. their final good-byes, a happy
6:39 am
wave at the airport in munich. she added chamica adams has caused endless harm to my whole family. i have lost my faith in god. i hope when she looks into the eyes of her child, my eyes will be there. police and prosecutors say chamica adams downs three drinks at bare called the district before getting into her grandmother's dodge caliber and heading down 18th street. as she neared florida avenue, adams couldn't negotiate the turn and ran over julia and melissa bask. when it was her time to speak, adams told the court, i drive myself to the brink of insanity going over and over in my mind what happened. there are no words to express my sorrow. this is the pure definition of pour tour. i pray one day god will forgive me and the family will forgive me for destroying their lives. julia backlightner ark stoont at johns hopkins school of advanced international studies was 26 years old.
6:40 am
as she left the courthouse, julia's mother stopped briefly to make a steement. >> i have lost a child and there is nothing we can do. so i leave and i am going against a life without her and this will be very hard. thank you very much. >> reporter: the judge sentenced adams who pled guilty to 72 months in prison with part of the sentence suspended. she will have to do 500 hours of community service upon her release. paul wagner, fox 5 news. now, adams will have to serve just over three years. the family will choose where adams will do her community service. a follow-up now to a story we brought you last month. hate crime charges have now been filed in the beating of a transgender woman at a maryland mcdonald's. the brutal tax was all caught on tape. two teenaged girls attacking the woman and she apparently had a seizure. montgomery county police
6:41 am
are being aing for your help in tracking down a man suspected of sexually assaulting a child. a warranted has been issued for dewan albenefit brooks. he is accused of assaulting a child over an eight-month period starting last spring. he has a piercing in his left ear and has been known to act as a street vendor possibly selling jewelry, perfume or watchs. big cuts coming to montgomery county schools as the county council has shrined off on a plan to slash $5 million from schools. that money part of the $1. 4billion that the council contributed to the system this year. the "washington post" reports that the sound sill is hoping to avoid an impact on classrooms choosing to make the cuts in an account that covers employee benefits. coming up, we are heading back out to nationals park. >> tony and tucker are down there hoping you show up as well. they are stepping to the plate with their weather expertise for nationals weather day. the news their marriage was
6:42 am
over came as a surprise to many. now, details on the secret recently revealed by arnold schwarzenegger that may have ended it. we'll be right back. 
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police now investigating the murder of a former local high school football standout. the # #-year-old was shot and killed in wheeling, west virginia on friday night. he tbrad waited from hilton high school inned with prig where he played football. police are looking for 0-year- old darrian kordell from the columbus, ohio area in connection with that shooting. international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn will remain in jail until his next hearing set for friday. he was denied bail yesterday. strauss-kahn pleaded not guilty to claims that he tried to rape a made on saturday at a hotel. prosecutors say they are investigating at least one
6:46 am
other similar allegation against him. price ago announce innocent from former california governor arnold schwarzenegger who says he fathered a child with a long- time household staffer. in a statement to the "l.a. times," schwarzenegger says he told his wife maria shriver after he left the governor's office earlier this year. the child was born more than 10 years ago. the couple announced they had separated last week after 25 years of marriage. let's get back out to tony and tucker down at the ballpark. >> they are at nationals park. we just see tuckerandd what did you do with tony? >> he is helping the weather guy get set up. let's get start wade look at our radar. you can see the run shower
6:47 am
activity. that is all over the place. here in the immediate washington area, showers generallery lymph to -- generally off to the north and east. some pretty good rain now into portions of prince george's county, anne arundel county and a whole lot of heavy rain there to the south and east. off to the west, you are just getting some clouds at the moment. we are under i floodwatch because there is the potential we could get some thunderstorms going. we could get some heavy rain and we moon a couple of inches in a short period of time, maybe 2, 3, maybe 4 inches of rain if the storms move slowly enough. also a coastal flood advisory. the tides are running about 1 to 2 feet above normal. let's switch our maps and take a look at that coastal flood advisory. it is in effect through later
6:48 am
this afternoon as the winds will be out of the east here and again, we've got a relatively full moon. chicago, 40 degrees for you this morning. very cold weather off to the north and west helping to drive this system. rain with us later today. by friday and saturday, we'll get this out of here. sunshine, temperature about 80 by saturday. now, let's toss it over to tony with a special guest here. >> i special edition of ask the weather guys. i think perhaps for the first time, we are asking the questions for this edition of ask the weather guys because we are here at nationals park for weather day and i'm joined now by israel negrone who is the director of community relations. good to see you once again p we were out here for opening day. similar weather conditions as it turns out. >> i was going to say every time we meet out here at nationals park, you threaten us
6:49 am
with a little bit of weather but i think appropriate today on weather day but it looks like we'll be able to keep our fingers crossed to get the game in. >> tucker and i thinking it is a tough call early this morning but we'll say i think it will happen. the weather day event goes on rain or shine. if it is raining during the course of the event, we will all be under cover so that goes on regardless. first, want to thank you for inviting tucker and i and all of us at fox 5 to come out and be a part of this weather day. this is the first tomb you've done this on this big a scale, correct if. >> absolutely. this is the first time we are doing it this way. we've been very please with the results we've had. we have almost 3,000 students coming out here today from almost 35 schools. we hope to grow it from here but we're excite about what we're going to do today, have you guys out here. and talk about the science of the weather and talk about how the weather affects baseball. i think they will see it firsthand. >> i do want to mention that. it is a fun event. we are agoing to have a good time.
6:50 am
we are happy to be out here to do. it it is part of your educational outreach. the program today talks about science and all of that type of thing. this is something you all are very interested in. >> it is important for us to use baseball as an educational tool. kids spend lots of time in the classroom doing lots of things that i'm sure they would like to find find funner with as to do. the science of the weather is so important to people especially now at this time of year and as we head into the summertime. nationals park and the educational initiatives we have here are an important part of what we do. >> this is something has ongoing throughout the course of the season in terms of other events that you have going on as well. >> absolutely. we invite all of our young fans to come out to the park and good-bye, there is different -- so many different educationle
6:51 am
things you can do. batting averages. you can learn distances and tracks. so all of that is part of coming out to the park and having a good time. >> it is a lot of fun. ments a great day. and it can be turned into a great learning experience as well. thank you very much. i got to thank you. you guys put together a fantastic pamphlet. we provide the information for the questions and all that kind of thing and all the kids get a copy of one of these book lets on the way out. they will be quizzed on some of the contents as well and there is a schedule. thank you, sir. we are happy to be here. >> thank you. before we go to julie, let me mention that today is $2 ticket tuesday. there are still $2 tickets available. your best bet is probably just to come on out to the box office and you can get those as long as they are available in selected locations around the stadium. we'll have more from nationals park coming up in just a little bit. let's go to julie wright and found out what is happening on the roads. >> a lot happening where you are. we have that big accident along
6:52 am
first sterling at the suitland parkway. they just leader that from the roadway so all of the lanes are open. i'm receiving word that they are checking for a crash inbound on the 11th street bridge nearating street trying up the right lane. -- near eighth street tying up the right lane. then this is on the southbound side here. ve lingering delays here. the accident northbound 59 north of newington on the shoulder, delays if that beginning back at 234. 395 across the 14th street bridge, checking for accident activity here. not finding any but it is low going from at least boundary channel drive headed into downtown. southbound 270, lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a push for heaper parking
6:53 am
rates in d.c. councilmember jack evans who is the head of the finance committee approved a bill that would roll back parking rates and hours of enforcement to 2009 levels when it cost $1 for an hour of parking and meters stopped ticking at 6:30 p.m. he evans says current rates have been bad for business. >> there is not a restaurant that i go to that the own are doesn't come over to me and complain that people have come to the restaurant and had a dinner and got out and found a $100 tick oat the car and just won't come back. that is very anti-business proposal. i think what we have to keep in mind is we're trying to run our city on behalf of the residents and businesses and not just to nickel and dime effect. >> the current meter fares have made $5.2 million for the district. we are continuing to monitor metro this morning. we have some details on
6:54 am
thousand to take your comments or come plants straight to the top. the system holding a series of open houses. you can talk one on one with metro officials. tonight, can you do it at 5:30 at george washington middle school in alexandria. also, in northwest tease, at st. mary's armenian church, they are looking for feedback on proposed money-saving moves. we need your help to monitor metro. send your tips to fox 5 metro at >> i imagine they'll get a lot of response. >> glee has nothing on these guys. >> holly is in germantown with a preview of a big show that is all about going old school. you talk about a big show and a big cast. we'll hear from her coming up next. am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this tuesday morning we are going old-school. [ music ] >> reporter: we are live this morning at seneca valley high school where roberto clemente middle school is gearing up for a revolution. this is a huge musical production. as you can see there are 400 students, elementary school students, and 75 plus parents to pull this off. it's the 5th year they've done a production like this and it's the result of an after-school music program that lets kids delve into contemporary music. so this morning we'll talk to the directors how this started, why they can pull it off and most importantly how you can get tickets to this weekend's
6:59 am
show. nothing like rocking it out on a tuesday morning, sarah. >> i'm glad they think living on a prayer is relevant to them. thank you, holly. let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, stephanie beier. her son just signed up for kindergarten. and find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. and then post a comment under stephanie's photo of brandon. that does it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it over to allison and steve. >> good morning, sarah. thank you so much. and we are covering several big stories coming up on fox 5 morning news. it could be a pivotal moment in the scandal involving jackson. a possible plea deal. we are live with the latest developments and we'll break it down with the legal experts. the news of arnold sc


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